We are the Light’s Blade

November 13th, 2011 · 1 Comment · Declarations

“From all walks of life, Brothers and Sisters come here, to the dwelling of Light. Basked in the omnipotent glow of A’dal, they yearn for gentle respite and counsel. Sanctuary may be obtained here in Shattrath, but still they seek a greater peace. Is there war in their hearts? Famine in their souls? Grief in their blood?

Unequivocally! Our people, after all, have suffered terribly. And yet, they have an unquenchable thirst for justice. It permeates their very being; they are imbued with a righteous code that cannot be subjugated by fear, by greed, or by vanity. It simply will not do for these Brothers and Sisters to remain passive, to sit idly by and watch others risk their lives. No! They are the first to stand up, to march on cracked hooves in sodden trenches in far away lands, to flank the soldiers of unfamiliar races, to engage in wars that threaten the peace of a world that is not our own but has, nonetheless, graciously accepted our kind for all of our differences.

You ask me why we commit ourselves beyond what remains for us on Draenor, beyond the war-weary gates and the sanctuary of our humble home amongst the Aldor. And I tell you: if not we Draenei, then who? The Legion has proven that my people are never homeless as long as their spirits remain indomitable. Peace is more precious to us than owning land; we are all too aware of how easily borders are felled, continents are razed, and worlds are torn asunder. And so we shall not shy away from the monumental task of helping to rebuild Azeroth. We are an army that is devoted to the future. An army built on equity, on justice, on peace.

We are the Light’s Blade.”


– Lorekeeper Dralosa, addressing an introductory meeting of Grand Alliance forces on the Aldor Rise, Shattrath.

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