Theramore’s final stand.

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The following letter from Lorekeeper Dralosa of the Sha’nash is couriered to the Exodar and Darnassus and printed for wide distribution.

Brothers, sisters, friends –

We belong, at once, to a large and expanding alliance – the Grand Alliance – and also to a small one, whereby we retain kinships and commitments over large distances. Though we are separated by sea, by mountain, by chasm, by enemy occupied territory, that alliance has so far not wilted, nor tarnished. A challenge, however, is being presented to that very truth. I speak now of Theramore, which is in imminent danger of being overrun by the Horde war machine.

So often have I heard the disquiet amongst Draenei and Kaldorei alike toward the call to arms. Their misgivings, prima facie, seem to be sensible and prudent. ‘Why do we risk our lives for Theramore? What loss is it if a Human settlement on Kalimdor is to fall, when we must keep our own lands safe from Horde incursions?’

What I say to those of you who are not convinced that Theramore is worth saving, is to consider the emotional consequences of a refugee intake from Theramore on the Grand Alliance. Consider the effects that a diaspora of this nature shall have on all people under this banner. Theramore is no shanty town, no outpost. It is a functioning society at risk of annihilation. Men and women who are separated from their homes, who become exiles and wanderers, leave few memorials behind them. Their lives and names are scattered to the winds, their cruel aggressors free to write them out of history, to self-aggrandize their murders as glorious feats.

My people in particular must carefully consider the part they shall play in the history of this world. Ever since we began our tragic peregrination from Argus, we have risked vanquishment and extinction many times. Our ancestral language is moribund. We have nearly lost certain words from it, such as ‘home’, ‘grand parent’, or ‘lineage’. Our children ask us what Argus looks like, and few adults remember. Should this fate befall Theramore, we shall watch a part of our allies’ culture and society ripped to shreds.

Pragmatically, the cost of defending Theramore may be significantly less than what we shall have to pay to repatriate its citizens, or to feed, clothe, shelter, and bolster them in new communities elsewhere.

Ideally, no man or woman of the Grand Alliance should turn a blind eye to the imminent suffering of any other under the banner. No City should be deemed too insignificant to save if we are indeed to stick with the moniker ‘Grand’ to define our alliance!

I believe my argument to be sound and just. As a humble supplicant to A’dal, a fervent soldier in the Light’s army, and a widow and refugee, I beseech you now to aid us against this implacable enemy.

Their tenebrous path is set, but ours is well illuminated – by the Light!

– Lorekeeper Dralosa

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